NAV MARINE Co., is a private enterprise based in Perama, very close to the Piraeus port. NAV is leading contractor in structural and mechanical repair and installation works. The company is engaged in the marine industry, the container terminal facilities maintenance and repairs, as well as, in the production of metallic products related to the foresaid industries.

NAV’s Management and Technical team, consists of qualified and experienced naval architects and marine engineers. The experienced and skillful workforce, is led by experienced and qualified supervisors, who are able to accomplish multitask projects involving structural and mechanical/electrical tasks.

NAV is fully equipped for in situ structural repairs and installations on ships or any other work site. Cutting and welding equipment as well as various kinds of equipment for engineering and structural works are ready for dispatch at any time. Available are also machine tools to support the mechanical works.

The experience of the management team members comes since 30 years ago. The experience flanked by highly educated young engineers provides an efficient combination resulting to high quality final product that is our services and structures.